---- 2018-01-15 ----

how to render/show Cinema 4D Custom Live HUD Data

If you want to render your HUD-Display in the Software OpenGL or Hardware OpenGL Renderer or in your viewport Playback from Cinema 4D you first have to activate the HUD-Render option in the rendersettings -> Options from the “Standard” renderer. Then switch back to your Preview Renderer

If its not rendering then you will have to activate the option “render” in the HUD-element itself.

right-click on the icon. “show”-“render”

In my case i wanted to show and render the actual custom (world)degrees.P of an object in every frame to my client for feedback (in the animation), but it didn´t work at first, because when you just pull your element from the attribute-manager into the viewport it doesn´t change the value on playback.

(The Standard HUD-Elements like FPS and so on from the View-Settings change of course live)


So i tried it with expresso and that was the solution.

but it was NOT the obvious “result”-node which you pull into the viewport. it shows only the node-name, but no data … . You first have to create  a new User-Data Set, with the Data&Interface-Type “Text”, so you can output anything.  And now you connect the output to this field (instead of the result-node) via xpresso and pull this element into the viewport. Then you have a live feedback in the viewport or your preview-render.

perhaps there is another solution, but at least for me this was my first attempt and it worked.

Cinema R19.024