Spacemouse and Cinema4D / 2023-06-15

If you have Problems navigating or configure your spacemouse in Cinema4D, try to start Cinema4D and at the same time 3DConncexion Home / Settings / advanced Settings (or something like that) . Now the advanced Settings for Cinema4D show up and you can change things. If C4D is active or otherwise it will change another […]

C4D save selected Objects / Tags / 2023-04-13

Menue-> Selection -> Selection-Filter you can find the “Selection”-Object. There you can save any selection you like .. from tags to objects.

Cinema4D .. Formula Effektor / 2023-03-20

Materialien zusammenführen / C4D-script / 2023-03-13

Beispiel-Szenario: Mehrere 3D-Objekte mit mehreren gleichen Materialien aus verschiedenen Szenen in eine zusammenkopiert. Viele Material-Duplikate die alle zugewiesen sind. Wie löst man das? funktioniert auch mit Polygon-Selektionen. by

Variable Token in Cinema4D / 2023-03-13 Variable Tokens plug-in for Cinema 4D gives a ten (10) token slots that you can use as you wish. Created for advanced Cinema 4D users who need versatile tokens. Required Cinema 4D version R21 -> 2023 by Arttu Rautio

crane animation rig / 2023-03-07

Rig for an upcoming animation in Cinema4D / Kran Animation Rig Aufbau

Quicktip C4D: Das Volumen eines Objects berechnen / 2023-02-22 – open source tool – calcute the area and volumen of an object in Cinema4D

Maxon Tip 327: How to unleash the power of numeric input fields in Cinema 4D / 2023-02-13

Quicktip: Thread – All-Quad Modelling / 2022-12-05

Download # C4D-Thread-Quads_3D3R_example.fbx I saw this quad-solution somewhere a long time ago and can´t find it anymore, so i tried to replicate it.How to make the threads .. i think there are enough other tutorials out there.

Quicktip: c4d – workflow with multiple materials / 2022-11-22

If you have to render an object with different materials, you can either change everytime the material by hand or you can use this little xpresso script and “takes-manager” to automate your renders. There are for sure other methods, but this works quite well for me. (In my case i had like 30 different products […]

C4D R25 update selection shortcut / script / 2022-05-10

( You can create a shortcut to the script ) ————————————— import c4d #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): def tool(): return c4d.plugins.FindPlugin(doc.GetAction(), c4d.PLUGINTYPE_TOOL) def object(): return doc.GetActiveObject() def tag(): return doc.GetActiveTag() def renderdata(): return doc.GetActiveRenderData() def prefs(id): return c4d.plugins.FindPlugin(id, c4d.PLUGINTYPE_PREFS) c4d.CallButton(tag(), c4d.POLYGONSELECTIONTAG_UPDATE) if __name__==’__main__’: main() c4d.EventAdd() ———————————— Cinema4D / R25 / update […]

Free 3D Model AC PLugs / 2021-12-13

2 free AC Plugs Sub-D 3D – Models 2 freie Schuko Stecker Sub-D Modelle ————————— Free Goodie: 3D Model download FBX: AC plugs (no textures included) —————————-

PC Fan Control with GPU temperature / 2021-02-02

great tool for controlling all of your fans in your case with the gpu temperature or other sources. I am using GPU for 3D rendering and this tool allows me to control every fan perfectly.

Octane Solo Texture Node not working / 2021-01-27

i had this problem for ages, but it seems nobody i found a solution. At least in the universal material control the metallness with an extra node (float, image, … ). Then the function “solo texture” also works in metall materials for roughness,. bump, and so on. Cinema 4D R23, Octane 2020.1.5-R4

Cinema4D Objekte lassen sich nicht mehr bewegen / 2021-01-05

Ich hab das update von R21 / Octane 2020.1.4 auf R23 / Octane 2020.1.5 gemacht und bin dann plötzlich vor der Tatsache gestanden, dass ich viele Objekte in einer Szene die Koordinaten per Koordinatenmanager nicht mehr bewegen, drehen oder skalieren konnte, so als ob eine Schutz-Tag auf allen angewendet werden würde. Nach ewigen hin und […]

reference photos screw / 2020-01-08

free to use – high-res in zip-download

EXR replacement too dark / 2020-01-07

If you have a bitmap (jpg/png/…) sequence as preview in After Affects and then replace it with an 16-bit oder 32-bit exr-sequence it could happen that the colors are way off, too dark and no gamma or exposure correction is really helpful then you could possible fix it, with the “interpret footage”-option. right-click on your […]

Rizom UV Lab – Quicktip / 2019-05-29

Under the Layout-field you find the Texcel-Density of your islands. Pick the island, press pick, get the number. Open another asset, pick your island/s and enter the same number. press set. Now you have the same Texcel-Density over your different assets. Awesome tool !

Substance Painter view mesh Error solution / 2019-04-05

2019-04-05 If you have distorted, a see-through-effect or just a strange view behaviour of your mesh in substance painter you should check your polygon-normals. They can cause an error if their direction is reverse. Painting should also be producing only errors, also with a correct uv-layout.

Lego Nexo Knight Helmet DIY / 2018-09-15

Grober Arbeitsablauf: Denn Motorradhelm habe ich mit Photogrammetrie digitalisiert und dann in Cinema 4D als FBX importiert. Mit ein paar Referenzen von der Lego-Animation-Serie gings an das Modellieren des Visiers und der zusätzlichen 3D-Teile am Helm. in Wien hat mir die Anbauteile dann mit FDM/FLM Material ausgedruckt, … schleifen, spachteln und nochmal schleifen. Zum […]

Cinema 4D – different alignment of Clones objects with Change Point Order / 2018-07-17

Today i have to use the command “Change point order” (Punktreihenfolge ändern) for the first time. On an object the clones didn´t rotate all in the same direction … why? … i have no clue. –> notice that i have activated “Align Clone”! the command that helped was “Change Point Order”. Mark the polygons with […]

Cinema 4D – How to align an object with workplanes / 2018-07-09

One method i use quiet often is to align an object with the workplane. In this example i want to align the cylinder to the cube. Align the axis of your objects first if you have a specific target! Select your target object, go to “Tools – Workplane – Align Workplane to Selection Select your […]

Cinema 4D – Ein Objekt, Spline auf ein anderes Objekt projizieren / 2018-03-27

Ein Spline wird mittels Kamera-Ansicht (wichtig) in die entsprechende Richtung projiziert. Also in Vorne, Oben, etc … Ansicht wechseln und dann einen Spline per Befehl – “Mesh – Spline – Projizieren” auf das Objekt anpassen. Er wird wohl teilweise in dem Objekt verschwinden, also muss man ihn eventuell wieder etwas zurück bewegen um ihn zu […]

Cinema 4D – PSR and Freeze Transform / 2018-03-23

DE: PSR und “Eingefrorene Transformation” after years working with cinema 4d, i finally looked up the “freeze transform” option … which is not only useful for animation, also for exact rotation or modifying coordiantes and its great. usually i put the object in a null-object and had the same-effect, but this is better and faster. […]

Cinema 4D – Sweep object with Rail splines / 2018-03-20

I have never used before a railspline in a sweep-object … so here is how it works. This is a sweep object with a regular profile-spline and a spline for the extrusion and its deformed because the profile rectangle is trying to get along with the b-spline and it looks kind of messy . thats […]

how to render/show Cinema 4D Custom Live HUD Data / 2018-01-15

If you want to render your HUD-Display in the Software OpenGL or Hardware OpenGL Renderer or in your viewport Playback from Cinema 4D you first have to activate the HUD-Render option in the rendersettings -> Options from the “Standard” renderer. Then switch back to your Preview Renderer If its not rendering then you will have […]