Rizom UV Lab – Quicktip

Under the Layout-field you find the Texcel-Density of your islands. Pick the island, press pick, get the number. Open another asset, pick your island/s and enter the same number. press set. Now you have the same Texcel-Density over your different assets. Awesome tool !

Substance Painter view mesh Error solution

2019-04-05 If you have distorted, a see-through-effect or just a strange view behaviour of your mesh in substance painter you should check your polygon-normals. They can cause an error if their direction is reverse. Painting should also be producing only errors, also with a correct uv-layout.

Lego Nexo Knight Helmet DIY

Grober Arbeitsablauf: Denn Motorradhelm habe ich mit Photogrammetrie digitalisiert und dann in Cinema 4D als FBX importiert. Mit ein paar Referenzen von der Lego-Animation-Serie gings an das Modellieren des Visiers und der zusätzlichen 3D-Teile am Helm. in Wien hat mir die Anbauteile dann mit FDM/FLM Material ausgedruckt, … schleifen, spachteln und nochmal schleifen. Zum […]

Cinema 4D – different alignment of Clones objects with Change Point Order

Today i have to use the command “Change point order” (Punktreihenfolge ändern) for the first time. On an object the clones didn´t rotate all in the same direction … why? … i have no clue. –> notice that i have activated “Align Clone”! the command that helped was “Change Point Order”. Mark the polygons with […]

Cinema 4D – How to align an object with workplanes

One method i use quiet often is to align an object with the workplane. In this example i want to align the cylinder to the cube. Align the axis of your objects first if you have a specific target! Select your target object, go to “Tools – Workplane – Align Workplane to Selection Select your […]

Cinema 4D – Ein Objekt, Spline auf ein anderes Objekt projizieren

Ein Spline wird mittels Kamera-Ansicht (wichtig) in die entsprechende Richtung projiziert. Also in Vorne, Oben, etc … Ansicht wechseln und dann einen Spline per Befehl – “Mesh – Spline – Projizieren” auf das Objekt anpassen. Er wird wohl teilweise in dem Objekt verschwinden, also muss man ihn eventuell wieder etwas zurück bewegen um ihn zu […]

Cinema 4D – PSR and Freeze Transform

DE: PSR und “Eingefrorene Transformation” after years working with cinema 4d, i finally looked up the “freeze transform” option … which is not only useful for animation, also for exact rotation or modifying coordiantes and its great. usually i put the object in a null-object and had the same-effect, but this is better and faster. […]

Cinema 4D – Sweep object with Rail splines

I have never used before a railspline in a sweep-object … so here is how it works. This is a sweep object with a regular profile-spline and a spline for the extrusion and its deformed because the profile rectangle is trying to get along with the b-spline and it looks kind of messy . thats […]

how to render/show Cinema 4D Custom Live HUD Data

If you want to render your HUD-Display in the Software OpenGL or Hardware OpenGL Renderer or in your viewport Playback from Cinema 4D you first have to activate the HUD-Render option in the rendersettings -> Options from the “Standard” renderer. Then switch back to your Preview Renderer If its not rendering then you will have […]